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Aside from his over-the-top antics, I have to say that his videos are highly amusing, somewhat informative and definitely entertaining.What's more, though, is that you at least have to stand up and give this guy a hand for a few of the pervs he catches in the act.The Play Station 3 and Wii have free Internet capabilities, including multiplayer gaming and Netflix streaming.These features are available on the XBOX 360 for a monthly fee, though chat is available for free.If you haven't heard about the bill to ban sex offenders from online services and gaming networks, be sure to check it out at Alternet.

Parents are encouraged to review each piece of content prior to purchase or viewing.From time to time supervision officers ask me about gaming consoles and sex offenders.There were some recent incidents that compelled me to write about it today.These are some of the most common questions that I get from other parents about Minecraft.I add to this list every time I think of more, so if you have a question that's not here go ahead and send it to me!

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