Accomodating conflict in the film juno

So as you know, I was reading Magic Mike earlier this week and I had a big problem with the lack of conflict. The idea then, is to look for as many places in your script as you can to add those clashing forces.

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I don’t think that’s the audience the creators were going for here. The only thing to know about Juno is that she is absolutely perfect.

(I still talk to these people, but only when we’re in the same room.) What I liked: The acting.

What I hated: The cheesycute indie music, the cheesycute indie wobbly-drawn-letters opening credits, the straight up Mary Sue-ness of the main character, the flippant treatment of every serious issue it pretends to engage (teen pregnancy, abortion, adoption) when all this movie really wants to do is show us all how adorable and clever it is; the casual racism, many of the movie’s fans, and ) I hate it so much there was no need for me to re-view it in order to write this post, because very horrible line, every inappropriate moment, every conflict or hint of trouble Juno dodges just by being Juno is seared into my brain as if by a woodburning set.

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